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Magician/illusionist, Joseph Réohm has been captivating audiences across the United States, both on stage and screen professionally since 2001 with his breathtaking displays of reality bending wonder and manipulation. Joseph’s passion for magic developed from an early age after his Grandfather gave him a magic set at 4 years old. Since then his passion for his art has earned him nationwide acclaim from his spectators and peers, alike.

Joseph has been a constant backbone of support and unwavering endorsee of GhostCircus Apparel since February 2015, “I actually love the effect GhostCircus Apparel has on others when they see me wearing it.” In his business, imagery is everything. But despite the complexity or intricacy of the demonstration, the tone of a performance is set by the first impression. “When I’m performing, I like to look good ahead of time. And as much as I love that GhostCircus Apparel is blowing up, I also like that my audience can’t just go to the mall aFullSizeRendernd come out a Joseph Rèohm.”

Joseph lives his entire life in a world that most of us cannot completely comprehend. If you haven’t had the privilege of witnessing one of Joseph’s live shows or impromptu appearances on the streets of Los Angeles, it’s almost impossible to envision the impulsiveness of his craft. From bewildering card tricks to levitation and beyond, Joseph brings magic to life right before your eyes. He truly is one of those rare artists, whose displays will leave you absolutely and zealously captivated. “I push boundaries, but more important to mIMG_8135e is the ability to break my audience free from their everyday world and into mine; a world where magic isn’t a trick, but a reality…gravity is whatever I choose it to be.”

Stemming from encapsulating live performances right across the country, the transition to television came a few years back when Joseph appeared on TV shows ‘Wizard Wars’ and ‘Fake Off’ (the latter as part of illusionist group ‘The Surrealists’), both of which saw him do incredibly well, and ultimately taking the top prize during his season of Wizard Wars on SyFy. These performances inevitably gave him the industry recognition that he had long deserved, and from there he has found himself on a steady rise to the top of his field.

This year has seen another remarkable evolution in Joseph’s career. Having become a regular at Hollywood’s infamous ‘Magic Castle’ and with multiple TV appearances now under his belt, Joseph will be featured on the upcoming season of NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’, adorned once again in complete custom GhostCircus Apparel. He will also be making an appearance on ‘Penn & Teller’s Fool Us’ on The CW, toward the end of the year.

“I am an escape artist. I don’t escape from straight jackets or chains, I break you free from your world and into mine; a world where magic isn’t a trick but a reality…where physics knows no bounds and gravity is whatever I choose it to be.” –

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